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The Veterans Site
Sponsored by the Greater Good Foundation providing
Meals for Homeless and Hungry Veterans

Veterans Tickets Foundation
Provides FREE event tickets to family members of troops Killed in Action (KIA), our Military and Veterans to sporting events, concerts, performing arts, and family activities.

Veterans Housing Benefits and Home Loan Options

A Guide to Housing Benefits for Veterans:

VA Home Loans:

Veterans Guide to Job Hunting
This guide provides Veterans with a list of documents they need, to nailing
the military-to-civilian resume, and includes advice from Veterans
who have made the transition to the civilian job market.
Veteran's Guide to Job Hunting
Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources for Veterans
A guide to financial resources for veterans including a list of scholarships,
explanation of the GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program and more. 
Scholarship & Financial Aid Resources for Veteran

Best Schools dot com

2016 Guide to Veterans Education Benifits

The Mesothelioma Center

A comprehensive site with “the most accurate and extensive resource on asbestos exposure and mesothelioma online”. They also have a dedicated Veterans Department to help you navigate the claims process and information on where you can get treatment.


Identity Theft Protection Service Reviews develops unbiased, data-driven reviews of products and services


      Consumer Affairs (dot) com Identity Theft Protection Reviews

Reviews of the Top 7 Most Reviewed Identity Theft Protection Companies


What do you know about Reputation Management ?

Check out the attached link for information about what Reputation Management is and how you can manage it.


 An employment resources page for veterans who are looking to enhance their education, skills, and careers.



An in-depth guide for veterans who are interested in starting their own business. Also, has a great employment and business resource section